Leading Platform for Enterprise AI TRANSFORMATION

Production Level Gen AI Platform for the Enterprise

A cloud or on-prem platform that is secure and complies with Israeli and European privacy protection standards (GDPR)
Botica AI is a platform for implementing and establishing enterprise AI-based solutions.
The platform already includes a variety of use cases in the world of service, information analysis, support, automation.
Leveraging Botica, you can quickly and efficiently implement a variety of high-quality and Production Ready AI-based solutions


Voice bot 24/7, replaces human response, shortens waiting times, initiates calls


5 minutes, response process managed by
Bot compared to 16 minutes in a human answering process

% 1

22% of those who turn to the bot, use its multilingualism and speak with it in Arabic and Russian

% 1

From the customers who start a conversation with the bot, No need for a human representative.

% 1

From the customers of the organization, we will save them from going to the branch thanks to the bot.

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Why Botica?

Unlike many bots that we are used to meeting on the various service sites, which provide a basic question/answer oriented chat with Botica you will get much more. Begin with a system designed for continuous learning and improvement, facilitated by an AI/BI panel. This system features intelligent and user-friendly management that delivers valuable and actionable insights to users both during and after a conversation.

An integrated call and response system for the organization’s call center.

Provides a uniform and professional response at any time, anywhere, and on any channel – email, WhatsApp, website chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.

The system’s high-quality and professional online response provides the company’s customers with high-quality and professional service and practical solutions. The system allows uploading files, photos, sending chat and others, SMS Links to WhatsApp, email and signing on digital forms and many other service functions.

These capabilities allow the business to become more efficient and improve by sparing the customer from the need to visit the branch.

With Botica, customers can securely access their personal areas and receive information tailored to their needs. Leveraging natural language and strong data indexing capabilities, the system empowers users to ‘converse’ with diverse data sources, creating a unified gateway to the organization’s knowledge.

Botica offers a unique and innovative approach to multilingual engagement, supporting Hebrew, Arabic, English, Russian, and over 20 additional languages. Its advanced system delivers uniform and continuous service across languages without requiring separate category trees for each language. Any updates or changes are automatically, smoothly, and uniformly applied across all languages and platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for users worldwide.

Through full voice analysis and recognition, Botica understands and analyzes natural language.

The voice bot is the first line of response for frequently asked questions and can receive messages for the hotline.
The voice bot responds to frequently asked questions as well as receives messages from the hotline after business hours and refers calls back to the appropriate person.

Aside from relieving front line staff and providing a human voice 24 hours a day, it also reaches a growing number of communities, including WhatsApp users, non-digital communities, and elderly people.

In order to provide self-service information, Botica can integrate with existing organizational systems.

Enabling a secure toolset, such as two-step authentication, the platform can provide users with self-service information relevant to their needs in a secure manner. 

With Botica, you can switch to a human service representative at any time. 

Botica offers a Rich – Dashboard for 360-degree visibility over the system.

By converting voice to text, which includes documentation and transcripts of conversations, it is possible to perform in-time conversation analysis after the event, and provide additional inquiries and services. 

Within the dashboards, data from all digital channels is gathered, analyzed, and presented.

A comprehensive, efficient and convenient tool is available to corporate customer service hotlines for handling inquiries, drawing conclusions, etc. 

Analyzing quantitative and qualitative data for learning, efficiency and continuous improvement.

% 1

From the customers who start a conversation with the bot, No need for a human representative.

% 1

From assisting customers, we will save them from going to the branch thanks to the bot.

% 1

Talking to the bot and using the many languages is easy for those who contact it
in Arabic and Russian


Human response 16 minutes compared to bot response - 5 minutes


A voice bot shortens waiting times to 2 minutes

A smart solution - Botica

Customer service model

Provides information and support to your customers, availability 24/7, in a variety of languages and with a uniform response

Personal area module

Allows your customers to receive personal information, perform actions and manage their account using natural language

Telephone answering module / voice bot

Respond to customers contacting non-digital channels using natural language analysis and transcribing the call to the core systems

Knowledge and content management model

Preserves and manages the organizational knowledge for the organization's employees And the customers, and different sources comes From now on in one place.

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